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  • Product Name:Automatic Linear Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine
  • Product Code:SD-350A
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  • Automatic Linear Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine Description:

    The machine is developed especially for mineral water, beverage , wine, beer products packing. It can be handled as a single pushing machine when high speed demand.

    PE Film Packing Machine Functions&Features:

    1)The control system is designed with the signal control being linked with the pneumatic piston cylinder system to control the movement of the cylinder either to push the bottle or to control the up and down movement of the thermal sealing bar, each of the piston system is equipped with the light indicator, which will be sending signal to the PLC controller to activate the next movement;

    2) PE film setting: PE film will be roll-fed type PE shrinkable film with top PE film feeding for the main wrapping process, and bottom film setting for the sealing purpose, the film feeding is designed by the mechanical gravity and with film sensor control, which will be effective to use every inch of the film to save the raw material cost.Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film;

    3)Bottle feeding: Bottle feeding is controlled by inverter system for the inlet speed control of the bottle sorting conveyor;the bottled water will be transported to the bottle sorting conveyor,which is separated with SS304 plate to guide the bottle into different rows to set the bottle into groups.Once the first group of bottle is meeting the wrapping standard,the bottle sensor will be sending signal to the PLC to start the wrapping process, and to push the first group of wrapped bottle into the shrinking oven;

    4) Film wrapping and thermal sealing cutting: the PE film wrapping and thermal sealing bar is adopting the special material that will not causing hot glue to the sealing bar to hold the top sealing bar and the bottom sealing blade, the time relay for the sealing will heat the PE film and make the top film and bottom film stick tight together. Air cooling fan will be equipped at the bottom sealing blade once the top sealing bar release the film to cool the thermal sealing point;

    5) Heat shrinking oven: the heat shrinking oven is with adjustable temperature and will be shrink the package with average temperature of 140 degree, which is with separate power control system.

    Specification of Membrane Shrink Wrapping Machine:


    Picture of Shrink-Wrap Packing Machine:


    PE Film Packing Machine Packaging and Shipping:

    Normally, in order to protect the membrane packing machine well, we adopt wooden case to package the machine. Regarding shipping, we recommend sea shipping, due to the weight and volume is large. 

    ShineDew Brand Story:

    I am a Machinist who from 21st century. This age is developing so fast, now my mom is the first economy in the world. More and more machineries instead of human, people feel free and enjoy holidays. 

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