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  • Product Name:Automatic Laser Printing Machine for Drinking Water Line
  • Product Code:SD-CO2-C-30
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  • Product details:
  • Automatic Laser Printing Machine Description:

    This laser printing machine is widely used in bottled drinking water production line for the date printing. 


    Power Supply: 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz

    Printing Speed:200 meters/minute

    Printing Machine Functions and Features:

    1) MJCO2 Laser machine is specialized in non-metal products marks;

    2) Fully-mental closed type CO2 laser device with SYNRAD;

    3) It operates easily, internally installed displayer is top over China;

    4) Marking accuracy;high speed, font beauty;

    5)No consumable, mark clearly, not easy to wear;

    6)Widely used in food packaging, medical packaging, beverage packaging, tobacco packaging, wine packaging, construction ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, gifts, rubber products, electronic components, shell nameplate, PVC pipe and other industries;

    Specification of Printing Machine:


    Pictures of Laser Printing Machine:


    Samples of Laser Printing: 

    调整大小 激光机样品.JPG

    Printing Machine Packaging and Shipping:

    Normally, in order to protect the Printing machine well, we adopt wooden case to package the machine. Regarding shipping, we recommend sea shipping, due to the weight and volume is large. 

    ShineDew Brand Story:

    I am a Machinist who from 21st century. This age is developing so fast, now my mom is the first economy in the world. More and more machineries instead of human, people feel free and enjoy holidays. 

    They say I don't know love, I don't know relax, I don't know enjoy the life. Once I asked myself many times, what is the most important in the world? Until I meet that.....

    In a poor mountain village, there are many kind and innocent kids, they don't have good education, without hope, and drinking water is very difficult for them, so I bring water to them. I can never forget those days; kids say I bring hope and future to them. I feel very satisfied when I see smiles in their face with full of happiness. Water give us life, water give us future.

    Now I know the most important is sunshine, hope, water and life. Suddenly I understand why my mom named me ShineDew. Sunshine warm the world and bring vitality to all things, dew moisten the earth and make all life grow. Mom, I know what is LOVE!


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